Friday, November 8, 2019

iOS Game of the Month – Battles Games Online

A few days ago we covered Battle Games Online, a new iPhone team fighting multiplayer game. Since it is truly stunning and wowed us from the very first moment, we tried it, we decided to make it our iOS Game of the Month! Read more about why you should try it!

Addictive and Exciting Game

Like we already mentioned, here we will introduce you the Battle Games Online that may conquer your heart if you’re one of the fighting game enthusiasts. It’s addictive and exciting game in which every player has to create his own dream fighting team of 5 hero fighters and challenge the opposing team.  

Game Play in Details

When you enter this game you will have the privilege to enjoy the sharp and realistic 3D graphics, stunning scenery and comics-style artwork, all this followed by some dramatic sound effects which make this game hard to quit. Another cool feature that we must emphasize is the freedom and flexibility in customizing your avatar fighters which also could boost the adrenaline of the matches.

There are 3 modes to choose to play Battle League, Battle Games Event, Survival Game. Every challenge is one on one and every team has to win 3 victories the fighting rounds. In order to become a pro player you should collect some gemstones, power rings, power necklaces, power gloves, royals (in-game currency) which will bring your more victories and take you to more challenging and exciting matches!

If you’re are ready to get in the arena then visit the App Store link where you can read more info and download the Battle Games Online for free. Enjoy it!

App Store Download Link: Battle Games Online