Monday, November 4, 2019

Game of the Day – BrainTease

What is BrainTease?

BrainTease is a brain training mind puzzle game that will test your logic and strategic thinking. This android logic puzzle grid game puts you in a mission to successfully lead the main character – the professor to the treasure of coins that awaits at the end of all levels. There are hundreds of swap blocks puzzle levels waiting to be unlocked if you’re enough outsmart to conquer the mind tease challenge.

Standout features:

▪️ fun logic puzzles for free
▪️ 100+ levels of get to finish puzzles
▪️ simple controls
▪️ ambient soundtrack
▪️ sharpens thinking and focus
▪️ good brain training mind puzzle game for adults & kids

Uniqueness: High

Usability: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Average rating: 4.9


Developer: Bomanji Studios

Google Play Download Link: BrainTease