Thursday, November 28, 2019

Entertainment App of the Week – Talkboy

Talkboy is an Android & iOS voice recorder app that was already reviewed on Hightechholic. Since it impressed us with its great recording options and cool extra features we decided to give it another acclaim this time as our Entertainment App of the Week. Read more why!

Talkboy General Introduction

Talkboy is an audio recorder app for iOS & Android that gives you the ability to record and edit (speed or slow down) your recordings. It’s perfect if you’re interested in experimenting and playing with audio recordings in order to create an epic “digital” cassette that can be shared with friends, family, colleagues, etc.

Mix, Play, Add Photos & Share

With its simple interface and retro design that brings memories, Talkboy is simulating the cassette player from the movie and gives you the opportunity to mix and play with the recording material.
There is a slider button that allows to speed it up or slow it down, rewire fast forward, and simply edit the recording however you want it. There are simple steps to create your digital cassette to impress or surprise your close or loved ones. All you have to do is to make a record, crop the audio waveform and then on the end add an appropriate photo wherever taking it or selecting it from your gallery.

So if you are ready to have fun recording cool audios and surprising your dearest these upcoming holidays, Talkboy is a perfect app to do it. It’s available for free downloading on the Play Store and App Store links down below.

Google Play Download Link: Talkboy

App Store Download Link:  Talkboy