Monday, October 21, 2019

OpenSpot is a Sports Venue Booking App for Doha That Will Soon Be Available for Android & iOS Users

In today’s article, we bring a piece of great news for all of you sports enthusiasts who’re looking to play epic sports matches with your friends We think it’s time to replace your pc life with some real-life activities and improve your sport, social and health life. Namely, OpenSpot, the app we’ll cover today, will enable you exactly that.

Booking Assistant App

OpenSpot is a perfect sports booking assistant for all of you sports enthusiasts who struggle with finding perfect sports playground in your local area and have some fun time with buddies or colleagues etc. This app will soon be published for iOS & Android, and it will work in Doha, Qatar.

How can you make use of it?

As a user of OpenSpot, you can arrange your next big game in football, basketball, volleyball venues, swimming pools, tennis venues, ping pong, badminton, etc. with just a couple of taps on your mobile screen. There are also possibilities to view images, videos and description of the available playground in your local area and book the perfect one which fits your taste and needs.

You can make the payment directly with the app or after the match.

If you need great source of sports entertainment and activities then you definitely shouldn’t miss the OpenSpot app.

This sports booking app will be available very soon for users and downloading. That’s why you should stay tuned on their website and wait for the great sports booking app to go live!   

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