Saturday, October 19, 2019

Lifestyle App of the Week – Kumbaya

A few days ago we reviewed Kumbaya, a newly launched iOS & Android kids care parenting platform for parenting, kids care, co-parenting, chores organization and more! Since this app can really improve your lifestyle and help you organize your time better, we decided to make it our Lifestyle App of the Week.

Simple, accessible and trusted kids care app

Kumbaya is a very simple and accessible app that can offer quick, efficient and trusted help on various requests related to your kids. It gives you more time when you truly need it and enables you to return the favor to a fellow parent when they need time. It’s a win-win.

Get help from the people you trust the most

Kumbaya makes it easy to ask favors from the people you trust the most. Create your circles of trust (family, friends, neighbors), send them your request, tell them what you need and most importantly don’t forget to be there for them!

Thanks to that reciprocity, you will no longer need to apologize for what you need. Also, be sure to express your gratitude, so all the rest of your trusted contacts can see how cool they are.
So, download this app right now and start improving the way you manage your time and take care of your kids.

Google Play Download Link: Kumbaya

App Store Download Link: Kumbaya