Friday, October 25, 2019

Ixpress - Efficient Courier and Delivery App for Singapore

When we think of delivery apps, we think of simplicity, fair rates, and reliable providers. So, in today’s article we will introduce quite a helpful delivery app for individuals and businesses in Singapore.

What is Ixpress?

Ixpress is a Singapore courier and delivery app and great assistant for all of you who are looking for delivery support of goods in your local area in a really short period of time.

This courier and delivery app provides reliable services that you can get with just a couple of a click on your android device. The company gives you possibility for matching with thousands of drivers available at your service whenever you want or need.

Ixpress Features

Using Ixpress gives you the option to save locations and orders or to track them in Real-Time. Other features that Ixpress offer is the diverse range of services from 90 minutes Urgent Delivery to Same day and Next Day Delivery.

All of these services are pretty normal and acceptable for their customers (some are only for $7 per delivery). As a user you can chat with CSO if some assistance is needed. What we suggest is to print your order history, statements, and other details.

To make Ixpress available for getting courier and delivery services in Singapore from your phone, visit the Play Store link where you can download it for free. Give it a try and share your impressions.

Google Play Download Link: Ixpress