Wednesday, October 9, 2019

iOS App of the Week – Being Me

Being Me was recently reviewed by the team of Hightechholic. This personal development tool has impressed us and since the impact it can have on our reader’s lives, we decided to make it our iOS App of the Week. Read more why.

What is Being Me?

Being Me is a self-improvement app that features guided journaling, self-reflection exercises and goals and habit tracking in order to help you improve in the fields of life that are important to you. This means that you can use it for health, relationships, career or simply anywhere you think a change is needed.

Journal, Goals, Habits in Your Pocket

With Being Me you can practice guided journaling (one of the best features of the app), which allows you to self reflect in a more unique way. The guided journaling can also help you get your mind to a place where you are eager to do more and fulfill your goals.

All 3 focus features are located at the bottom. So, from the main dashboard, you can get to Goals & Habits. There you can create your goals and habits that will keep you focused on doing better and improving the way you live.

So, no matter if you need a tool to keep you motivated to lose weight, improve your mood, start a business, or simply be more mindful and relaxed in your day-to-day living, Being Me is a must-try. It is a tool that indeed can make a lasting change in your life. Try it for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Being Me: Journal & Goals

Website: Being Me