Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Enjoy a New 2D Arcade for iOS & Android with JetDuck: Alien Invasion 2020

Who doesn’t love ducks? Well, these cute birds are the main heroes in a new Android and arcade iOS game named JetDuck: Alien Invasion 2020. Let’s see what this cool arcader has to offer.

Cool Storyline

The first thing that caught our attention was the fun storyline. In JetDuck: Alien Invasion 2020 the ducks are under an invasion of aliens, and only the jetpack ducks can save the planet. The 2d flying game features 20 levels and all of them have different challenges.

The game has simple controls, all you need is to drag the jetpack duck away from danger. Each level has a certain length you must pass and the length is displayed at the top. Along the way try to collect as many coins as possible since they can be used to buy additional jetpack and upgrades.

The graphics and artwork are nicely done, which makes you feel the game’s cool ambiance even more. And we really loved some of the designs of the jetpacks like the KF1500, Bucket Head and Rewing. So, we advise you to play the game more and earn more coins so you can buy and try them (although you can buy gold and buy them faster too).

For additional challenges, check the global leaderboard and try to improve your place on it. If you are ready, you can try this cool arcade game for free.

Google Store Download: JetDuck: Alien Invasion 2020

App Store Download: JetDuck: Alien Invasion 2020