Sunday, September 22, 2019

Innstal is a Helpful App to Find & Manage User Manuals and Warranties

Anyone who manages a household knows how hard is to keep track of warranties and manuals. The manuals are easy to get lost and usually are complicated and bulky books. While the warranties are often small pieces of paper that also are easy to get lost or destroyed. Here is where the app we’ll talk about today, Innstal, can be of enormous help.

One spot for all your warranties and manuals

Innstal is a helpful warranty & manual saver app where you can search and store manuals and warranties. When it comes to user manuals, you can search by brand name, product or explore the list of brands and appliances. Currently the developers claim to have over 1.5m+ manuals and the list is growing. Once you find the manual you can use it, favorite it or download it on your phone.

When it comes to warranties, Innstal can help you find and store your warranties. Alternatively, it can help you with expiration date reminders and the claim process. This can be super helpful knowing that most households have 5-10 if not more products that are under warranty. And then there is the case of second-hand products.

What we liked about Innstal is the fact that it also features a community with real time notifications where you can ask questions related to appliances, products, manuals, and warranties. Everything is neatly organized, easily accessible and perfectly functional. It’s indeed a helpful app which is available for free on Google Play. Try it and find more about it from the links below.

Google Play Download Link: Innstal