Thursday, September 26, 2019

Catch the Rhythm & Slice the Beats in Dancing Blade: Slicing EDM Rhythm Game

No one can deny that one way to kill boredom is to play the best rhythm games on a mobile phone. That’s something that anyone from all ages could relate to. Even before smartphones and Android phone became very popular, a rhythm game was already a popular gaming genre back in the old days.
If you’re already a fan of this genre of mobile gaming then check out our selection for today’s article called Dancing Blade.

Dancing Blade - General Info

Dancing Blade: Slicing EDM Rhythm Game is a new android slicing EDM rhythm game that could help you to beat the boredom effortlessly in your free time. Its dynamic gameplay mixes slicing and rhythm of upbeat music that feels exciting from the very first time you try it.

Enjoy fun music or add your own

From the very first moment you try it, you’ll love the high-quality graphics with futuristic aesthetics, stunning audiovisual effects and game feel that will surely won’t leave you bored or indifferent. And many will love the simplicity of playing Dancing Blade, as it can be played with your finger, which will have to play the role of the Blade dancing hero who has to slash all the beats coming on the way.
There is also an option to upload your favorite music to play on it if you want to double the fun and EDM game experience.

Visit the Play Store link down below if you want Dancing Blade to be a part of your Android gaming collection. It’s available for free, so check it out now!