Monday, August 19, 2019

Enjoy a New Hypercasual Game for Android in Flip The Cube

Simple hypercasual games can offer great fun and serve as useful time killers. However, there are far too many of them on Google Play. Today we will cover one of the best new ones – Flip The Cube. Let’s see what this cool ice flipping game is all about.

Simple and engaging tap quest

This is a very interesting and highly addictive Android flip and jump game that will offer you enjoyment and fun. How to play it? It’s very simple, just flip the ice into the cup. Test your skills, see if you can move the cube faster and finish the levels with a better score and time.
In time you will master it and it will become easy to move smoothly throughout the 100 levels or achieve a high score in endless mode.

High score system

If the challenging level system is not enough for you, the game offers you an endless mode where you can see how far you can reach and improve your score.
As you unlock levels and play the game, you will be able to unlock different ice cubes, so try to unlock them all. We can guarantee that this game will offer super-cool hypercasual gameplay and fun challenges that will keep you engaged for hours. Try it for free.

Download Google Store Link: Flip The Cube