Monday, August 5, 2019

App of the Day - Dockit is a Helpful Social Calendar Event Organizer & Discovery Platform

Cool and truly exciting events are easy to miss, especially if you live in a large city. That’s why today we will cover an app that will help you discover the best events, create your own and have it everything in your own personal calendar. We are talking about Dockit.

What is Dockit?

Dockit is a social events calendar app for iOS & Android where users can create and discover events, add them to their personal calendar and follow other users. It is a simple way to never miss anything important or of your interest in the city you are living in.

Easy event creation and discovery

We loved the simplicity of event creation and event sharing on Dockit. You can literally create an event and invite tons of people in minutes. Additionally, you can make an event public and all users of Dockit in your city will view it (excellent for promoters).

If you see an event, you like you can easily add it to your calendar (which you can link with google calendar) and also follow users who create and post events that interest you.

Overall, this is a handy app for event creation and discovery, and if you are all about unique social experiences, then you should get Dockit for free!

Google Play Download Link: Dockit

App Store Download Link: Dockit

Website: Dockit