Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Social App of the Week – Gulflink

Gulflink is a new exclusive social app for Khaleji. Since it impressed us with series of great features and its uniqueness, we decided to make it our Social App of the Week. Read more on how you can make use of it.

Special for:

▪️ Meetup (meet new people from the Gulf area)
▪️ Hotspot & Hotspot (Khaleji places discovery)
▪️ Camera (khaleji camera)
▪️ G-Snaps (send audio files, photos, notes, videos)
▪️ The World (upcoming video watching feature)
▪️ E-cards (upcoming e-cards making feature)

Basic intro:

The Gulflink is developed for iOS users and soon available for Android users as well, as an incredibly fun and interesting messaging app, designed especially for people in the Gulf area. This easy to use multimedia messenger empowers people to connect with each other and communicate with one another on a new higher level, meeting people in their area and making friends, improving the way they live with other people in the Gulf area. 

Standout features

With this multimedia messenger & social discovery tool made exclusively for the Gulf area like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and Iraq you can connect and engage with other users nearby in the Gulf area on another different level. Within this social app you are offered unique features like the feature for Meetup (discover nearby khaleji to meet, chat & connect), Hotspot and Sponsored Hotspot that allows you to search your area for users nearby and connect with people.

This travel app also offers you features like Camera and G-snaps so you can take and share photos with users on the app. Features like The World (social video platform with inspiring Khaleji and Gulf related videos), Shakhseyyat, E-cards (Arab and Muslim e-card maker) are also great and useful.
So, if you live in the Gulf area, Gulflink is indeed handy to search and discover people and places nearby, connect and communicate to meet new people and make new friends in the Gulf area.

Download it now for free on App Store now to connect and engage with people nearby in the Gulf area!

Official Website: Gulflink

App Store Download Link: Gulflink