Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Productivity App of the Week – New Habit

A few days ago we introduced New Habit. This habit builder impressed us with its unique set of features and the great value it can offer to our readers. That’s why we decided to give it another appraisal, this time as our Productivity App of the Week. Read more about the app below.

Create your new healthy habits

They say that everything starts with a habit. Try to develop new healthy habits and replace the bad ones with this app that will give you all the directions and suggestions that you need for that. What makes this app different?  The detailed guidelines that will make everything easier and you will feel the benefits daily. This app is much more than just a tracker of habits, it also gives directions and information’s for other different habits.

Get inspired by famous people

If you are out of ideas for your new habits, there is a list of top 50 habits that will help you to find your inspiration. You can even get ideas from the habits of famous people! Check their habits and see if you can adapt to them.

Download this app right now and start your journey to a healthy life right away!

Google Play Download Link: New Habit

App Store Download Link: New Habit