Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Parenting App of the Month – LegacyofLove Parent Journal

A few days ago we reviewed LegacyofLove Parent Journal. This memory keeping, journaling, and digital scrapbook impressed us and we believe it can be of amazing use for parents and grandparents. That’s why we decided to give it another appraisal – this time as our Parenting App of the Month. Read more why.

LegacyofLove Parent Journal is an iOS & Android app specially designed for parents or grandparents to capture memories, leave lessons, and save moments and milestones. The ability to share each kids journal makes the app even more useful. 

Unique features

- You can easily add entries and memories like record interviews, audio notes, videos, save photos, and other milestones
- You can add other family members so they can view the content for your child
- One of the most entertaining features on the other side is the Auto Age Calculation – on every entry this feature automatically calculates your age and the age of your child.

The concept of multi-generation legacy
The fact that the app lets you leave lectures, record interviews and moments with your kid to look back and use together, adds an interesting dimension to the app turning it into a place for keeping legacy and enhancing the meaning of family.

Google Play Download Link: LegacyofLove Parent Journal

App Store Download Link: LegacyofLove Parent Journal