Monday, July 22, 2019

Find Real Estate Investments, Manage Your Properties or Consult with Investment Consultants using InvestFar

Real estate investments can be complicated, no matter if you are interest in investing or managing your own properties. For that purpose, today we will cover InvestFar, a website and iOS app where investors, investment consultants and property owners connect, work and collaborate.

Find great investing opportunities remotely
The unique thing about InvestFar is that you can search and find investing opportunities across the US, without even being in the specific city. They made remote investing easier and more convenient. Just open the app and start exploring, networking and connecting. Additionally, you can contact vetted investment consultants and be sure to get found advice before making an investment.
Manage Your Listings
If you decide to invest (or if you are just a property owner), you can then use InvestFar to manage your property and everything related to it. For example, you can contact and hire home improvement professionals to repair, renovate or improve your properties. Alternatively, you can even search property management companies and background checked contractors.

Then you can list your property for selling or renting (you can find real estate pros to do it for you too), and start earning from your real estate investment.

So whether you are up for remote investing, or just looking for an app to manage, sell and rent your properties, InvestFar is it!

App Store Download Link: InvestFar