Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Android App of the Month – Drunk Locker

Drunk Locker, the app locker that saves you from embarrassment when you are drunk, was already reviewed by the team of Hightechholic. However, this app proved to be very useful and extremely functional, which deserved another bigger appraisal. Rea more why this app locker is our Android App of the Month.

General Info

Currently, only available for Android Drunk Locker offers simple setup and flawless functionality. In order to use it, you need to pick date and time when certain apps should be locked (usually use the time when you plan to get drunk or high). Then you need to set up a challenge, give the app permission to lock apps and select the apps you want to be locked. That’s it.

Specific features

The challenges can be logical or general knowledge, and you decide their difficulty. The app doesn’t give you the specific challenge that will be requested when drunk, it just gives a sample. Additionally, you can opt in to not use a challenge and simply get a reminder that if you unlock and use your locked apps you will get embarrassed. The fun part is that these “embarrassment reminders” are custom, meaning you can add the last drunk embarrassment you’ve experienced with a goal to not happen again.

This handy app can also serve as a functional app locker for all your apps. We loved how simple, fast and lightweight the app truly is (only 9.6mb of size). So if you are searching for a high-quality app locker, Drunk Locker is it!

Google Play Download Link: Drunk Locker