Thursday, June 27, 2019

Run and Jump Adventure Platform Lion Kingdom Hero is a New Game You Shouldn’t Miss

Naturally, platformers have evolved quite a bit since the 80’s. While they're practically based on the same principle of navigating a hero by jumping from platform to platform, they've been influenced by a number of other genres. In this category, we do a little research and select one that you should love especially if you’re a fan of the epic animated film Lion King.

The Game’s Mission

Here we gladly want to introduce the Lion Kingdom Hero, an addictive and challenging adventure run and jumping platform game that surely is worth of your free time in order to have some incredible fun. Manage Samba, your main character, through all the obstacles in the jungle and water environments to his way back in the Lion Kingdom and collect many coins as possible to win the greatest high scores.

What this Game Offer?

As a future player of this run and jumping platform game you should expect simple on-controls to play, some cool sharp graphics, amazing jungle and water environments, entertaining sound effects which make this game so enjoyable and fun to play. But don’t forget that you have a limited time to bring Simba in his kingdom, so you better play it fast and become the ultimate jumper champ. There is also the option to compete with your friends if you want to pull the fun on a higher level.
So, Lion King’s fans don’t miss the journey of the Lion Kingdom Hero and download on your IOS or Android device right now. It’s available for free on Play Store and App Store. Check it out!