Thursday, June 6, 2019

Pixel Art Kinder Sandbox Egg - Color the Pixels by Number & Work on Your Fine Motor Skills

Pixel coloring apps are becoming more popular among smartphone users of all ages because they are quite simple and yet highly relaxing and entertaining. There are tons of these pixel coloring apps available for you to choose from but finding the best one is not that easy. Luckily for all of you, we are here to help you and we discovered one amazing pixel coloring app for all ages to relax and get relief from the daily stress and anxiety anytime they color the pixels.

What is this pixel coloring app all about?

The Pixel Art Kinder Sandbox Egg is suitable for both kids and adults that enjoy being creative and coloring. On this pixel coloring app that is developed for Android users, you get to enjoy the user-friendly, simple and intuitive interface and a wide selection of drawings of different categories, choosing the one you like and start coloring the pixels by number. Color and work on your fine motor skills while relaxing and creating the most beautiful pixel artworks.

Standout Features

With Pixel Art Kinder Sandbox Egg, users get access to the app’s wide selection of cool masterpieces that need to be colored by pixels. On the app, users are offered to choose among many categories and designs such as bar penguins, cold heart, crocodiles, deck hippos and other. For kindergarten, preschool or toddlers the app is a great choice because they will enjoy coloring the drawings for many hours nonstop. Without many steps, the concept is simple, choose your design and start coloring.

New drawings can also be unlocked on this app. The user needs to color the pixels by number while at the same time working on his fine motor skills, using small precise movements of the hands and fingers to create the most gorgeous pixel artwork. The app is offering lots of drawings especially made for girls, boys and kids of all ages. Have fun and color your favorite characters.

Download it for free on Google Play to color the pixels by number and work on your fine motor skills!

Google Play Download Link: Pixel Art Kinder Sandbox Egg