Friday, June 7, 2019

Fly the Bird as Far as You Can Without Hitting into the Pipes – Birds

Tap games are one of the most interesting games you can choose to play on the go, directly on your smartphone. This type of game offers you all, testing your skills as a tapper while you enjoy a fun and addictive gameplay. But the issue is that it can be quite difficult to choose the best tap game that will get you addicted to playing fast. No worries, we found an incredible bird tap game to test your skills as you try to get the bird as far as possible. Let’s see what the game is about.

What is Birds all about?

The Birds is an incredibly fun to play and exciting bird tap game that will challenge your reactions as you try to get the bird as far as possible. Developed for android users, this game offers an adventurous gameplay and features that will hook you to playing fast. Enjoy the cool sharp graphics and fun sounds as you tap and fly the bird through the pipes without crushing the bird into them. Test your skills and see how far you can get the bird to win your high scores.

Standout features

Getting you hooked to playing on your first try, this bird tap game offers amazing features an exciting adventurous gameplay for you to enjoy while testing your skills. The task of the player in the game is to tap on the screen in order to fly the bird as far as he possibly can. The pipes on the way make this game quite challenging, as the player tries to get through them while keeping the bird safe. When the player hits a pipe, the game will be over and he will need to start playing from the start. The player also has the ability to pause the game and continue playing from where he stopped too. Your fast and precise tap skills are tested as you try to get the bird as far as possible and get the highest scores, becoming the ultimate tapper of this exciting tap bird game.

Download it for free on Google Play now to fly the bird as far as you can without hitting into the pipes!

Google Play Download Link: Birds