Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Test your Flags & Geography Knowledge with The Flags of the World

Educational games are quite popular among smartphone users that like to always learn something new but in the same time have fun playing. Tons of these learning games are developed which makes it hard to find a unique and entertaining educational game to keep your attention. However, for all lovers of learning, we looked and we found one incredible educational game which gives you the chance to color flags of the world and learn more of the world. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is The Flags of the World?

The Flags of the World is an incredibly fun and unique educational flag quiz game, designed especially as an outstanding flags quiz that takes flags of the whole world to the next level. Not only that you need to guess flags but also you have to color all 238 available flags. All country flags are available as well as the most region flags, from the most famous to the rarest. The beautiful design combined with the variety of available game modes make this game an amazing choice of playing and learning of the world.  

Why do we love this educational game?

Many interesting, fun and educative game modes of this educational game will make you an expert of flags in no time. The goal in the game is to color all the flags of the world and complete the available must-have flags collection where you can have instant access to the information of the country or region the flag represents. You can use the game’s difficulty levels and the available free hints and solutions system to paint even the most difficult flags of the world. For every flag there is a quick information section with the capital, population and area of the country or region and a link to the country’s or region’s Wikipedia page. 

The detail flags collection is providing you with quick information section, Wikipedia link for each flag, flags divided into continents and international organizations, list view to easily access the flags, sorting options and search for a flag option. This complete flag game offers the classical world flags quiz and capitals quiz among many other easy or challenging quizzes such as 50-50, just colors, 10 flags, level 30, yes or no, and capitals. Many achievements are available to complete and leaderboard to compare your score with your friends.

Download the game for free now on Google Play to have fun and learn all the world’s flags in no time!

Google Play Download Link: The Flags of the World