Friday, May 31, 2019

Take Your Social Media Videos to the Next Level - Social Subtitles

Because most of the social media videos are viewed by users with the sound off, it’s a smart decision to add subtitles to your videos before posting them on social media. How can you do that? Easily, with the right video subtitles editor on your smartphone. To make it easier for social media users, we looked and we have to offer an incredible video subtitles editor for automatically generating subtitles, editing and correcting social media videos before posting them. Let’s see what the app is about.

What is Social Subtitles all about?

The Social Subtitles is created as one highly efficient, high-quality and yet quite simple to use video subtitles editor which is designed to help social media users to take their social media videos to the next level by generating automatically subtitles for the videos they post. Developed for IOS users, the app is offering social media users high accuracy and quality and brings them all the features they need in one place to generate subtitles, edit and correct videos as they want. 

Standout features

To take your social media experience to the next level and make the best of your videos, this video subtitles editor offers you the ability to generate automatically subtitles for your video using Apples Speech with 95% accuracy. The app’s free version offers you to create subtitles up to 30 seconds and with the app’s paid version you can create subtitles up to 10 minutes. The app is also including layouts for your Facebook, Instagram main feed and Instagram stories. After generating the subtitles, you can edit and correct any mistakes in the video just by touching, easily and quickly. The font style and color can be changed as well the position of the text in the videos. Subscribe to the app monthly or yearly to get more of the app’s features like recording up to 10 minutes and removing the app’s watermark from your videos.

Download video subtitles editor for free on App Store to take your social media videos to the next level!

App Store Download Link: Social Subtitles