Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Shopping App of the Week – Axessori

Buy and sell apps are quite popular among users worldwide and because of their popularity tons of them are created, making it hard for users to choose the one that suits their needs. Axessori is an incredible and reliable buy and sell app, perfect for users that are passionate about accessories, selling their own crafts or buying crafts made by others online in their current area. We liked this app so much, we pronounced it as our Buy and Sell App of the Week.

What is Axessori all about?

The Axxesori is developed for IOS users, especially created for people passionate about accessories, very easy to use and interesting buy and sell app with clean, user-friendly interface. With this buy and sell app, you will get the chance to show your work and sell your own crafts in your current area to other users. Also, with this app you get the chance to buy crafts made by users. Create a profile and have fun, buy and sell online accessories, enjoying an amazing online shopping experience,

Standout features

By creating your profile on the app you will be able to immediately start buying and selling your own crafts online in your current area. The app offers various features that will make this place the best for all of you passionate about selling and buying accessories online. List the item you are selling in no time with this app and add photos of the item as well video of the time before you post it. You can choose a category for the accessories and set a price for interested users to see. For buyers of accessories, the app is giving you the chance to discover daily many different types of accessories available for buying so you always find crafts you like. Share your work with others and connect with users interested in accessories, buying and selling crafts in your area directly from your phone.

Download this shopping platform on App Store now for free to buy and sell crafts in your current area!

App Store Download Link: Axessori