Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Rise Up - Save The Soul - Rise Up & Save Your Soul from the Mystery World

Since the development of smartphones and the many apps and games on them, one of the most popular and favorite games users to choose to play are certainly the tap games. Because of their popularity and demand, finding the most addictive and fun tap game to test your skills is not easy. Luckily for all tappers out there, we looked and we found one entertaining and thrilling tap game that you will enjoy while trying to save your soul from the mystery world. Let’s see what the game is about.   

What is Rise Up - Save The Soul?

Rise Up – Save the Soul is developed for Android users as a fun, addictive and yet thrilling and challenging tap game that brings you a different adventure to experience. With beautiful design, exciting sound effects and amazing gameplay, the game requires you to rise up and save your soul. All you need to do is to get through the 7 circles of hell while avoiding the darkness, demons, howls, and chainsaws that try to stop you from saving your soul and getting out of the circles.  

Gameplay & Features

The features offered on the tap adventure game with the thrilling mysterious gameplay will players hooked to playing on their first try. The player’s task in the game is to rise up and save his soul from hell. The player needs to touch right to move the soul ball to the right and touch left to move the soul ball to the left. Through each circle of hell, the player needs to watch out for the obstacles that want to end the game and stop him from saving his soul.

Only 5 lives are given to the player in each circle of hell. In each level of the game, there is a door that needs to be open to the player can complete the level so he needs to find the key for it in the level. The game offers 5 circles, in circle 1 there are 5 levels to complete, in circle 2, 25 levels and the circles 3, 4 and 5 are coming soon. All levels need to be completed and the player needs to get through all 7 circles to save his soul.

Download this tap game for free on Google Play to rise up and save your soul from the mystery world!

Google Play Download Link: Rise Up - Save The Soul