Monday, May 6, 2019

Most Addictive Game of the Month – Loot Drop

Clicker gamers offer an addictive, exciting and yet challenging gameplay that is getting players hooked on their first try and because of their popularity, there are many of these games available to choose from. Loot Drop is a great clicker game choice for all players that like to put their looting skills on the test, uncovering mysteries and defeating useless monsters to become loot masters. Because of all offered, we pronounced it as our Most Addictive Game of the Month.

What is Loot Drop?

Developed for Android and iOS users, this thrilling and fun to play idle clicker game offers addictive hyper-casual tapper gameplay with amazing graphics and sounds that will put yours looting skills on the test. With bad puns, many mysterious mysteries and questionable storyline to keep player’s attention, the game requires you to become the ultimate loot master by collecting shiny coins from pre-defeated monsters, avoiding many dangers and completing levels to uncover the mysteries. 

How to play?

Loot on the loo with the game’ simple gameplay and put your skills on the test by looting shiny coins from conveniently pre-defeated monsters. In order for you to focus on the shiny loot, the monsters on your way will be completely useless. Be careful and watch out for the quirky dangers and traps on your way and to get the shiny coins you need to avoid them. For getting rid of the chemical burns, searing flames and other forms of ridiculousness, just shake your device.

Patently incompetent bosses need to be defeated for you to unlock awesome gloves and collect more of those shiny coins. Over 40 of these exciting levels are available to challenge your skills as well for an obligatory lava level to challenge you. In this quirky idle clicker uncover the mysteries and unlock new monsters, exchanging your hard earned stars if you like to reveal a super-secret.

Download the game on Google Play and App Store for free to get rid of traps, avoid dangers and uncover mysteries!

Official Website: Loot Drop

App Store Download Link: Loot Drop

Google Play Download Link: Loot Drop