Thursday, May 16, 2019

iOS App of the Week – My Perfect Day

Tons of habit and routine builders are available for users that need help transforming their lives and creating healthy habits and maintaining those habits in their everyday lives. My Perfect Day is an incredible daily routine builder which offers all the features you need to create new habits, incorporate them in your daily live and track your progress constantly. We liked this app so much, we decided to be our iOS App of the Week.

What is My Perfect Day?

My Perfect Day is developed for iOS users, as one very user-friendly and easy to use habit builder app that will help you transform your life by incorporating daily healthy habits and maintaining them on a daily basis. Live your life to the fullest as the best version of yourself, maximizing the gratitude, happiness, and mindfulness, minimizing the agonizing stuff surrounding you. Create a healthy daily routine and keep track of your progress, taking your health and energy to new levels. 

Standout Features

The features offered on the app will make sure that the user is able to transform his life and create healthy habits and maintain them on a daily basis. From the app’s categories choose any habit you want, choosing between categories like physical health, mental health, fitness, social life, productivity and more. Users can schedule habits and get notifications to maintain them and track the progress they make, getting rewarded for their wins.

To point out the things and the moments you are thankful for, start with the in-built gratitude journal. Build self-confidence and attract positive outcomes, new beliefs and trust, using positive affirmations on the app. The app’s specially designed deep breathing exercise will help you relax and increase energy levels, repeat it daily to advance your physical health and well-being. The progress can be shared and you can connect with other personal growth enthusiasts, see their goals and progress, communicate within the app, and get and show support. Subscribe to the offered subscription packages in order to use the app entirely.

Download it for free on the App Store to create a daily routine to advance your physical health and well-being!

Official Website: My Perfect Day

App Store Download Link: My Perfect Day