Monday, May 13, 2019

Get Instant Flight Delay Compensations and Refunds - Colibra: Instant Flight Delay Compensation

We've all experienced delayed or cancelled flights. So why not get a compensation for it? Luckily for us, nowadays there are many apps developed and one of them are the apps that can help you get direct flight compensations for any flight postponement, delay or cancelation. To save your time and effort, we looked and we have to offer all travellers, effective and reliable app that can help you in getting instant flight delay compensations without any claim processes. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is Colibra: Instant Flight Delay Compensation all about?

The Colibra: Instant Flight Delay Compensation is a highly practical air flight travel tool that can help you in the process of getting direct flight delay compensations with instant payments, directly on your phone without any claim processes. Developed for IOS users, with a clean user-friendly interface, this app and its features available will save you time and finances, helping you get flight refunds and compensations, and what you are owed for any flight cancelations, postponement and flight delays.

Standout features

From 20-100 euro for a 3+ air flight delay, the app is redefining flight delay compensations by providing flight delay compensations instantly. To get an instant delay compensation to your account, you just need to claim your compensation by entering your flight id and boarding pass. The users don’t need to file and process claims for delayed and postponed flights, without paying anything by themselves to get the compensation payments. Big delays can also be compensated with up to 600 euros because the EU 261 directive obliges airlines for all Europe flights. Don’t waste time on file claims, going to courts, paying fees or waiting months to get your compensation, with the app claim you can claim your rights. Get what you are owed for any flight cancelations, postponement and flight delays with this app because the app offers the fastest and easiest way to get your compensation payments, without any time wasted or finances as a burden to you.

Download it for free on App Store to get instant flight delay compensations and refunds on your phone directly!

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