Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fall Asleep Faster & Get Up on Time with Simply Nap

We've all heard it before — the general rule of thumb is that a good night's sleep consists of about seven to eight hours. But with late-night work, stress or Netflix binges, achieving the perfect amount of shut-eye can be difficult. You probably already sleep next to your smartphone, so why not take advantage of what an app has to offer as a solution? To help, we looked and we have to offer an amazing sleep sounds app you need to try. Let’s see what the app is about.

What is Simply Nap?

Simply Nap is developed for Android users, very simple and yet effective and practical all in one alarm clock and sleep sounds app which does not require any subscription fees any type of data tracking and no logins. Using the app’s help, the user is getting a variety of relaxing sleep sounds to choose from to get him to asleep faster and a simple alarm clock functionality to always get up on time. All inside one app, directly on your phone, relax, sleep better and get up effortlessly.  

Standout Features

With the Simply Nap and all the amazing features that it offers, each user has the chance to experience a good night sleep by relaxing himself and falling asleep faster as well to get up on time with the alarm offered. The relaxing sleep sounds on the app are handpicked, proven and the ambient sleep sounds aid sleep like fireplace sleep sounds, water stream, bird sounds, crickets, rain forest, ocean waves, thunderstorms, wind, and more nature atmosphere sounds, as well for high-quality meditation sounds are offered on the app.

Just tap to play, close your eyes and relax. These sounds are perfect for a full night sleep and also a short energy-boosting nap.  The alarm clock allows you to set up the time you want to wake up and add as many alarm clocks as you like. The alarm is simple, light, straightforward and convenient to help you always get up on time. Get a good night sleep, enjoy a relaxing nap and always be awake on time.  

Download two in one app for free on Google Play to relax, fall asleep faster and always get up on time!

Google Play Download Link: Simply Nap