Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Entertainment App of the Month – MPoints

Nowadays is quite easy to earn some free gifts and gift cards in the online word with the right app on your smartphone. MPoints is an incredible reward app that offers you the chance to earn some extra cash, free gifts and gift cards without any effort, directly on your phone just by requiring from you to play games or complete simple tasks to earn. Because of all offered on this app, we decided to be our Entertainment App of the Month.

What is MPoints?

With this easy and fun to use task reward and earn cash app that is developed on Android platform, the users are able to have fun while earning free gifts by playing games or completing simple tasks. The app is very user-friendly and will keep your attention by offering simple tasks to complete like watching ads for gift cards and collecting points that can be turned to cash. If you like to earn more on the app, you need to play as many games as you can and complete as much tasks as possible.

Why use MPoints?

Install games, watch ads and solve the captcha and much more to win free gifts using just your smartphone. Play different easy and fun games and complete simple tasks to get free gifts. More you play, more gifts you will collect. Play in desired schedules and enjoy the app’s beautiful dashboard, earning free gifts while having fun playing games or completing tasks. Explorea variety of opportunities to get free gifts and discover various plays like Scratch and Win, Watch Short Videos and Win, filling Captcha and other.

The players offered on the app are all monitored by the system of the app. Choose any game you like and choose quick simple tasks t to complete anytime and anywhere you want. The app also offered daily extra rewards you can collect and earn more you can also refer the app to friends. When you reach the threshold amount of coins, you can initiate a Redeem request so you get your gift delivered as soon as possible.

Download this app on Google Play for free now to earn extra cash and free gifts while having fun!

Google Play Download Link: MPoints