Friday, May 24, 2019

Ball Jump – Power UP - Jump with the Ball to Next Object without Falling Down

Playing games on the go is quite popular among smartphone users. Jump games offer you simple and yet challenging gameplay that you can enjoy when you feel bored or you want to kill some free time. Thousands of these games are available for our smartphones that makes it hard to choose the best one. We searched and we discovered a fun, exciting and challenging endless ball jumping game to test your skills while you enjoy the entertaining and addictive gameplay.

What is Ball Jump – Power UP?

Ball Jump – Power UP is developed for Android users that like to put their skills on the test while having fun on an exciting jumping adventure. The endless ball jumping game is easy to play and yet will challenge the player’s fast and precise reactions as he tries to jump from one object to another while keeping the ball safe and getting as far as possible without the ball falling down. The amazing sharp graphics and cool sound effects offered will keep your attention and get you addicted to playing fast.  

Gameplay & Features

Each user that tries this game will get hooked to playing on his first try for sure because of the amazing features and exciting jumping gameplay offered on this adventure game. Ball Jump – Power UP only requires from the players to touch the screen so they can power up and jump with the ball from the object on which the ball stands on to the next object without falling down.

The player needs to be careful and watch out not to power up more or less than it's needed, getting the ball to land safely to the next object. When the ball falls down, the game is over for the player. As the player progresses, the game becomes more challenging and it’s harder to win more scores. Test your skills and collect as many scores as possible, become the ultimate player of this ball adventure game.

Download it for free now on Google Play to jump with the ball to the next object without falling down!

Official Website: Ball Jump – Power UP

Google Play Download Link: Ball Jump – Power UP