Monday, April 15, 2019

Puzzle Game of the Month – Jewel Blitz

For lovers of fun and yet challenging puzzle games that will push you think hard and fast to solve each puzzle it can be quite hard choosing the best puzzle of them all. Jewel Blitz is an incredibly exciting, fun and addictive block puzzle game that will put on test your skills while you try to fill the rows and clear them before your run out of time. Because of all this that the game offers, we pronounced it our Puzzle Game of the Month.

What is Jewel Blitz?

Developed for Android and iOS users, this jewel block puzzle game will put on test the player’s puzzling skills as he tries to clear the rows before he runs out of time. Easy to learn, with amazing graphics and sounds, the game gest players hooked to playing fast and they can choose to play for fun or to play for real cash prizes. Players can enter game’s tournaments and head-to-head competitions with real cash prizes, facing off players of similar skills, competing and trying to win the highest scores.

How to play Jewel Blitz?

The Jewel Blitz requires the players to clear the lines to score in the game to place higher of value cubes last to complete the rows for bonus points. To beat the opponent the player has only 3 minutes to arrange the shapes onto the board and try to clear the rows without running out of the room. Drag blocks to the board and fills the rows to clear them out. The players get the choice to play in head-to-head competitions with other players or to play in large multiplayer tournaments.

Both players in head-to-head games get the same order of the same blocks and first of them who finishes gets the highest scores and win. Rank on leader-boards and get trophies for your achievements and challenge players from the world to puzzle against you. Show your skills in the cash tournaments that are available in about 75% of the world and if you don’t live in those regions you can play for fun, with the virtual currency of the game.

Download the game on Google Play and App Store for free to arrange shapes, face off players and win real prizes!

App Store Download Link: Jewel Blitz

Skillz Official Website: Jewel Blitz