Thursday, April 25, 2019

Cross-Platform App of the Week – Petbuds

Nowadays there are tons of apps that can help you take good care of your pet or even as a pet carer to find easily jobs around you. Petbuds is the most amazing pet service app which offers pet carers a chance to grow their business and offer their pet services and for pet owners to connect with trusted and vetted pet carers to take care of their pets. We liked this app so much, we pronounced it as our Cross-Platform App of the Week.

What is Petbuds?

Developed for android and iOS users, this app for pet services is designed especially for both pet carers and pet owners to register and connect with each other, directly on their phones. Pet carers with the help of this app get the chance to grow their business and discover jobs around them. Pet owners using the app’s help are able to discover local vetted and trusted pet carers to take care of needs of their pets when they can’t, always finding the right service where their pet will be in good hands.

Why use Petbuds?

The Petbuds app offers a GPS service for both pet carers and pet owners to enjoy it. Create a strong profile as a pet carer to grow your business or register as a pet owner to find local vetted and trusted pet carers around you for the needs of your pet. On the app you will be able to discover various services such as dog walking, cat sitting, dog sitting, dog day care, grooming and other services. Pet carers on the app can fetch open listings and view the top 100 listings within 10 miles. Pet owners can view their booking details and check and maintain the live gallery of their pets.

Also, pet owners are able to track the walks of their pets with time and distance, track the live picture uploads and even source the right care of their pet to make sure the pet is taken care of well.  For the services you choose you can pay directly through the app. Unlimited earning potential is offered for pet carers and they are fully ensured and also they can view ads in their area, use the multi-tracking function and check services in and out. The payments for the pet carer services go directly to his bank account.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for free to grow your pet caring business or find a local pet carer!

Official Website: Petbuds

App Store Download Link: Petbuds

Google Play Download Link: Petbuds