Sunday, March 3, 2019

Word Game of the Month – Word Stellar

Since the development of smartphones, users have the chance to have fun while learning and improving themselves. Word games are one of the best ways for you to improve your spelling and vocabulary skills by solving crossword puzzles. Word Stellar is the most incredible word game the chance for you to do that and much more. Because of all this game is offering, we pronounced it as our Word Game of the Month. Read more about it.

What is Word Stellar?

Developed for both Android and iOS users, this word game is offering the players tons of thrilling crossword puzzles that will test your skills while you enjoy the most gorgeous space themes, cruise through the cosmos and unlock beautiful constellations. With the speed lighting rounds offered, you will get the chance to challenge yourself and test your skills in uniquely designed in difficulty levels. Many mind-blowing interstellar facts are offered so you can rejuvenate your brain each time you play.

How to play?

Word Stellar will sharpen your brain, improving your vocabulary and spelling and it will enhance your cognitive skills with its thrilling crossword puzzles and its electrifying speed rounds combined. This fun-filled space word game requires you to connect the letters and scrabble the words to test your knowledge and train your brain. The game will get you addicted to playing fast with its entertaining space journey so buckle up an enjoy yourself. 

Your vocabulary is tested and empowered with more than 2000 brain-busting puzzles available. Enhance your cognitive skills with the speed rounds that will keep you on your toes each time you play. Each time you solve a puzzle one of the many surprising astronomical facts will enlighten you. Players win stars for each crossword puzzle they solve, having fun while learning and cruising the stellar. Test yourself with many crossword puzzles and different challenging quizzes you can try to conquer.

Download the game on Google Play and App Store for free to solve crossword puzzles to improve your vocabulary and spelling!

App Store Download Link: Word Stellar

Google Play Download Link: Word Stellar