Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tool of the Week – Cool Down Phone Temperature

There are tons of reasons why your phone may starts to overheat but also there are plenty of apps that can stop your phone from overheating and cool it down efficiently. Cool Down Phone Temperature is the ultimate CPU cooler master that offers all the features you need to instantly with a touch cool down your phone, boost and clean it and to save its battery. We liked it so much, we decided to be our Tool of the Week.

What is this app all about?

Cool Down Phone Temperature is a CPU cooler master as well speed booster and cleaner especially developed for Android users. With the help of the app, users will find the cause for overheating their phones, detect the running apps and discover the most efficient cooling mechanisms to cool their phones down easily and quickly. This app will optimize the system of your device and stop the overheating as well will clean your RAM and with one touch will save the phone’s battery. 

Standout Features

With the features offered from this amazing CPU, cooler master users are able to cool down their device and even boost the memory of their phone, cleaning unnecessary files from their devices. With a single touch on the app, users can cool their phones down with the auto CPU cooler master offered. Also, the CPU temperature is monitored at all times and this app is detecting the apps heating the phone and stops the running apps in the background, boosting the CPU and RAM, cleaning it to cool down the device instantly.

Warnings are given to the user when their device starts to overheat and just a touch is needed for cooling down the phone. Achieve optimum cleaning by freeing RAM, memory and killing unwanted background processes and save battery by enabling ultra-fast and extreme power saver modes. Clean junk files and boost the phone’s speed with the amazing junk cleaner feature, track the temperature in real time with shown battery percentage and CPU control.

Download it for free now on Google Play to cool your phone down in seconds and optimize its temperature!

Google Play Download Link: Cool Down Phone Temperature