Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Find the Lowest Prices of Products with a Single Tap with Fairbuy

If you like to shop online then you probably use shopping apps to make it easier for you to discover products and purchase the ones you like at the best price. Among so many online shopping platforms that offer the same products, it can be hard to find the lowest price without wasting your time browsing the apps to discover the best price. Because of that, we looked and we have to offer an incredible shopping app to help you find the lowest prices of products. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is Fairbuy all about?

Fairbuy is an incredibly practical and efficient online shopping app which is offering you the chance to find the lowest prices of products you want to purchase online with a single tap across different shopping apps and sites. With its clean user-friendly interface, the app is simple, developed for Android users that like to save their time and money, finding and comparing prices of products from different online shopping apps without any effort, directly on their phone, easily and quickly.

Standout Features

Fairbuy with is amazing features gives users a chance to compare prices of products they look to purchase from different shopping apps or sites like Amazon India, Flipkart India, Snapdeal, Myntra and PayTM.  One products can have different prices on different shopping apps n the same time and because of that, this app can help users discover the lowest price of the product they want to purchase by comparing its price across the platforms offered.

Users are able to search for products they like to buy online across these shopping apps and the search results of the products will be instantly available for them. Also, users can create a wish-lists by adding products from different apps and sites so they don’t have to manage different wish-lists but only one wish-list from all the apps available. Users get to save their time and money, finding the lowest prices of any product they need, compare the prices on different platforms before they decide to purchase it.

Download it on Google Play now for free to find the lowest prices of products online with a single tap!

Google Play Download Link: Fairbuy