Monday, March 25, 2019

Epic Racing Simulation Called Car Drifter 3D for Lovers of Burning Wheels

Yeah, like anything else vehicle-related, drifting can be as dangerous as much at it's fun. That's why it should always be performed on a designated racing track with a suitable vehicle. But is this the only way to practice this, ahem, motorsport? Of course not! A slew of video games exist for the purpose, and if you have yourself one of the better gaming steering wheels at home, paired with a nice set of pedals and an H-shifter, then you can feel the bitter virtual taste of burnt rubber without even leaving your house!

For Lovers of Burning Wheels

However, if you struggle in finding new, exciting and challenging car racing simulation game that will keep you highly entertained for hours then be sure that here you’re in the right place. Check it out our proposal for today called Car Drifter 3D, a perfect racing and drifting game that you must have it on your IOS device, especially if you’re one of those hardcore lovers of burning wheels on the road.

The Game’s Features

We friendly advice you for the better, that you shouldn’t miss this game. Have on mind that Car Drifter 3D feature outstanding and sharp graphics with incredibly realistic sound effects too, that won’t leave you bored at any moment as you ride your chosen “beauty” from many of the well designed, powerful and cool cars available at your fingertips. In this game, you will have the chance to test your driving skills or to improve them driving on the streets of New York.
In this context, logically, your target is to beat your competition and win the race. Make high scores and records much as you can in order to master the game.

Available for Free

If we successfully trigger your gaming appetite, visit the App Store link from below, where you can download Car Drifter 3D city racing game on your mobile device for free. Our advice, at last, is to invite your friends to play with them so the fun can even go on higher levels. Now, let’s try it!

App Store Download Link: Car Drifter 3D.