Monday, March 18, 2019

Cross-Platform App of the Month – Stop Gap Dental

To save time looking for the perfect job or the perfect personnel you need the right app on your smartphone and because tons of them are developed it can be quite hard finding the one designed for your specialty. Stop Gap Dental is the most convenient and safe platform for the dental industry that allows you to easily find available dental personnel or dental jobs. We’ve pronounced Stop Gap Dental as our Cross-Platform App of the Month.

What is Stop Gap Dental?

Designed from the dental industry for the dental industry, Stop Gap Dental is a safe and convenient platform is developed for both Android and iOS users. Easy to use, the platform is multi-purpose and problem-solving, transforming the way how dental personnel and practices communicate and connect with each other. With this app, dental offices and individuals get the chance to find dental jobs or dental personnel directly on their phones without much effort or time wasted searching, engaging with each other fully. 

Standout Features

Share your experience, set rates, skills, specialization and services to find the best matches easily just by creating your profile on the app. Photo of your office or you can be added within the app with an introductory video to let the others learn more of you or the office and what you offer them. By setting availability to find dental personnel easily. Offices looking for temps and individuals looking for temp jobs can add on the app the future or recurring availability to plan in advance or by toggling ON can let people know they have an immediate staffing emergency or you became available in the last moment.

Send bid bids for available jobs and send requests to available temps. Navigate to the office with ease by simply tapping on the job, start the job and complete it, submit the hours and get paid directly on the platform. When you finish, add your review to build your profile. The app does not require any fees or cost memberships. The app’s customizable map is showing the available temp jobs and dental personnel and you can also search by keywords and use in-app communication. For available jobs and temps receive notifications, reminders, special requests and updates.

Download the app for free on Google Play and App Store to enjoy the smart solution for any dental jobs!

Official Website: Stop Gap Dental

App Store Download Link: Stop Gap Dental

Google Play Download Link: Stop Gap Dental