Thursday, March 28, 2019

Boost Your Phone’s Speaker Sound to the Max with Super Loud Speaker Booster

Or are you experiencing low volume on your iPhone/iPad or Android phone? You don’t enjoy playing games as the sound is not good? Or you need to focus on the audio when playing movies? Enough questions! The good part is that we have got answers to all of them and that is a volume booster to maximize the volume level and get a better sound experience. To make the search easier, we have to offer an excellent speaker and volume booster. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is this volume booster all about?

This super loudspeaker and volume booster is an incredible tool that is developed for Android users, very easy to use with a simple interface and beautiful design, offering all in one, a speaker and headphones volume increaser and equalizer bass booster and music player. Control the volume on your phone for all sound streams and boost the sound of your phone to the maximum with a single key. Raise the volume to the level you desire even if it’s not set to the max, no limits on the maximum amplification capabilities of your android sound card.  

Standout Features & Options

Boost the volume of your phone’s speaker with this amazing speaker booster to its maximum and the sound quality will be increased according to your android device. The app’s music equalizer bass booster enables you to adjust your soundtracks with the five band equalizer and you are offered to choose between 10 professional music genres presets.  You don’t need to separately download a music player and equalizer, with this app you get to play all your music with EQ and music spectrum at the same time. Wonderful visual sound spectrum can be watched at the same time as you are listening to your songs. According to the audio rhythm, all the sound spectrums move.

Make any program as loud as you like with the volume booster, use the equalizer music player with no distortion when increasing your favorite music without any external speakers too. With one tap boost the volume without any root required and use the sound amplifier equalizer and the subwoofer bass booster for a better experience. Volume can be increased with super loud speaker sound, enhancing the bass boost and speaker boost loud and many other sound effects.

Download it now for free on Google Play now to boost the speaker’s sound of your phone to the maximum!