Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Balls Bricks Breaker - Shoot Balls to Break the Falling Bricks

Shooting games are simple and yet addictive and challenging games you can play on your smartphone to test your aiming and shooting skills, getting scores for each precise shoot you make. Lots of these games are developed for Android smartphones and because of that, it can be quite hard to choose the right one. Luckily for all you shooting lovers, we looked and we have to offer an incredibly fun and addictive ball shooting game that you need to try for sure. It’s called Balls Bricks Breaker!

What is Balls Bricks Breaker?

Balls Bricks Breaker is created for Android users as one very addictive and exciting ball shooting game which is simple for playing and yet a good time killer, putting your arcade skills on the test. With its sharp graphics and cool sound effects, this ball arcade game will get you hooked to playing fast with its endless ball shooting gameplay. Try to break the falling bricks before they reach the bottom by shooting balls. Without waiting, with continuous gameplay, shoot balls, break bricks and have fun. 

How to play?

Players will get addicted to playing this game because they are offered various features and exciting gameplay that will keep their attention. All the player needs to do is to tap or drag on the screen to shoot balls so he can break the falling bricks before they reach the ground. On the game, players have only limited numbers of balls they can fire and as the balls fall they are captured. The captured balls can be fired again as well. For the player, there is a variety of colorful balls to shoot, and the green balls are bouncing, they will bounce ball covering back to normal balls.

Balls can be shot at different angles and players can easily play with one hand only. The game becomes more challenging as the game progresses. Items can be picked so the player can increase the number of firing balls and buy new colors for the balls. The game is over when a brick reaches the bottom. Challenge your friends to play and win high scores to see which one of you has the highest scores and is the best player.

Download it for free on Google Play to shoot balls and break the falling bricks before they reach the bottom!

Google Play Download Link: Balls Bricks Breaker