Saturday, March 30, 2019

Arcade Game of the Week – Weave.DPL

Tons of arcade games are developed for our smartphones and that makes it hard for us to choose the best arcade of them all. The Weave.DPL is an incredibly addictive and challenging arcade game where you need to weave the ball through white blocks while avoiding the other colors so you can get the ball out of the maze safely. Because of all that and more that this game offers, it became our Arcade Game of the Week.

What is Weave.DPL?

Developed for both Android and iOS users, this incredibly exciting, fun and addictive maze game will get players hooked to playing fast. With its amazing sharp graphics and cool sounds to enjoy, the ball arcade game is quite simple and yet very challenging, requiring you to be fast and precise to get the ball out of the maze. Start the arcade game by swiping to start the ball, weaving it through the white blocks but be careful not to crush it into the blocks of other colors so you can get the ball out of the maze.

How to play Weave.DPL?

The Weave.DPL offers for the player fast-paced gameplay and various features that will keep the player’s attention each time he plays the game. All the players need to do is to weave the ball through the white blocks avoiding all the other blocks so he can get the ball out of the maze. When the player, crushes into the other colors, the game will end for him. Various levels are offered for the player to test his skills and each new level is harder than the level before.

When the player is stuck in some level if he likes he can choose to play another level he likes just using the menu of the game. The player’s skills are tested as he tries to be precise and react fast to get the ball through. To make it more challenging, more blocks are put on the way of the player. All DPL logos in the game are safe and also some of them will give you bonus actions that can help the player complete the level faster. Get the ball safely to the end of the maze.  

Download the game for free now on Google Play and App Store to get the ball out of the maze safely!

Official Website: Weave.DPL

App Store Download Link: Weave.DPL

Google Play Download Link: Weave.DPL