Thursday, March 21, 2019

4KingRoyale - Eliminate All Card of the Table or Leave only Jokers & Kings

Card games have been in existence long before smartphones. Now it seems that almost all smartphone gamers have played at least one card game on their mobile. Card games have gone through quite an evolution thanks to mobile gaming. Lots of card games of different types are available for card lovers but if you are looking for a casino card game to give you that Vegas feeling, we have a game to offer. We did our research and we have the card game for you. Let’s see what the game is about. 

What is 4KingRoyale?

4 King Royale is developed for Android users that like to play a Vegas-style card game on the go, directly on their phones. Fun and easy to play and very addictive, this game offers an incredibly clean and crisp design of cards and screen layout to enjoy the game even more. Players need to combine cards that equal 12 in order to clear all the center stacks. Compete against others or play as solitaire and practice to make your game stronger with the interactive short tutorial at the start of the game.  

Standout Features

4KingRoyale will get players hooked to playing offering them a fun Vegas styled gameplay and features. Learn the basics and practice with the help of the interactive tutorials so you can reach the Hall of Fame. This game is played with a standard 52 card deck, with or without Jokers. For the player to win, he must eliminate the cards on the playing table or even leave the Kings and Jokers to get a bigger pay-out. In order to this, the player needs to combine the cards so they can equal 12. 

Beware of the King because he can be your best friend to win big or he can block you so you lose.
Tap or drag cards and with the help of the statistics keep track of your play. When you are stuck, use the hints to progress. Compete against other players or play as solitaire, playing unlimitedly all for free. Friends can be invited to join you and for more fun try the portrait mode. Try to win and get on top of the leader-board and achievement board, be one of the best so you can qualify for the inaugural World Series of 4 King Royale.

Download it on Google Play for free now to eliminate all the cards or leave just jokers and kings to win!

Google Play Download Link:  4KingRoyale