Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Weird Worldz - Tap & Try to Avoid All the Obstacles

Tap games are definitely one of the most interesting and challenging games you can choose to play on the go, directly on your smartphone. This type of game offers you all, testing your skills as a tapper while you enjoy a fun and addictive gameplay. But the issue is that it can be quite difficult to choose the best tap game with the most interesting features. No worries, we looked and we have to offer you a tap game which offers you all this and more.

What is Weird Worldz all about?

Weird Worldz is one fun and addictive tap game that will test your tapper skills while you enjoy the simple gameplay. Developed for Android and iOS users, the tap arcade is quite easy for playing and yet challenging, requiring from the player to tap fast and try to avoid the obstacles coming to its way in a weird fashion in order to reach the target and win his scores. With cool sound effects and sharp graphics to enjoy, the game will keep your attention every time you play it.

Gameplay & Features

This tap game is offering for the players different features to get players addicted fast and in the same time test their fast tap skills. For the players to enjoy the game every time they play it, they are offered 2 different themes, the Halloween and the Candy land theme and each of the themes has its own characters you can choose from. Pick any character you like and any theme is your favorite to play.

All you need to do is to tap and avoid the obstacles on the way to reach the final target and get to the next even more challenging level. If you are stuck and need help in any of the levels, you are offered various power-ups to help you out. To win the highest scores, you need to avoid all the obstacles, tap as fast as possible and reach the target to progress and complete the levels. Your best results can be shared with others on social media as well. 

Download it now for free on App Store and Google Play and tap to avoid all the obstacles coming to its way!

Google Play Download Link: Weird Worldz

App Store Download Link: Weird World