Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Get Your Kid Familiar with Letters and Numbers in an Exciting Way - ABC 123

Sometimes it can be hard for parents to engage their kids to learn, especially when it comes to toddlers and pre-schoolers. As a parent if you are looking for an app that can help your kid master the basics of kindergarten, there are many learning apps available to help you out. 

In order to help with your search and choose the best preschool learning app, we decided to search. We have came to discover an amazing learning app that your toddler will enjoy for sure. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is ABC 123 all about?

ABC 123 is preschool learning app for toddlers and kids entering their kindergarten learning phase and parents that like to help their kids learn about numbers and letters in a fun way. Developed for android users, the kids educational app is filled with learning activities and designed with vibrant, kid-friendly graphics and sounds that kids love to see and play with. In simple terms: it makes learning appealing to children bellow 5 years old.

Voice guidance, exquisite visuals, cheerful music & more

As a preschool learning app, ABC 123 is offering the parents and teachers a chance to customize the setting of the gamebook. This allows great control over the learning process and customized education.  With simple use of the parental lock feature, they can easily update the sounds and photos corresponding to each alphabet. 

Kids can also use the app by themselves after a little guidance and choose the photos they like the most for every letter. In that way they will learn better and more intuitively. However, they or the parents can also reset and switch the setting to the original and help the kids learn the letters or counting step by step in an interactive way. 

The app gives great accessibility and features with cheerful music and photos so toddlers can learn the English Alphabet and numbers fast and more effectively. ABC 123 goes even further offering learning of different shapes and objects with the cool matching game

Speaking about the technical features like UI and gameplay, ABC 123 did extremely well on our testing. Have no doubt that this learning app is user-friendly with a simple interface, guiding the users through the arrows step by step. What is more important is the excellent customization of the pictures and music at anytime, making it a great tool for teachers and parents.

Have no doubt that this preschool learning app will be excellent for your toddler. More so, it doesn't feature any ads or in-app purchases making it a safe environment for any kid.

Google Play Download Link: ABC 123