Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fitness App of the Week - Simple Fit

Have your own workout plan that will be adapted to your fitness levels and goals, check out our Fitness App of the Week - Simple Fit. Simple Fit is a wonderful workout planner and tracker that’s developed for iDevices, it is here to help you improve your strength, endurance and mobility, and it is one of the most intuitive fitness apps we’ve ever uses. Let’s see what its best features are.

What is so special about this training app?

Developed for iOS users, this training app is perfect for users that like to achieve their fitness and workout goals easily and faster, getting fitter and stronger just by using their phones. With the help of Simple Fit users will improve their endurance, mobility, and strength, getting the chance for working out whenever they like and wherever they want to. This personal adaptive training plan will follow your needs and goals completely.

What are the best features of Simple Fit?

Simple Fit offers to users loads of workouts at home, workouts for fitness studios as well for endurance workouts to help each user achieve his personal workout and fitness goals. With the help of the app, users are able to learn everything about the nutrition plan and the training program depending on the goals they have. Crafted on the user’s needs, the adaptive training plan is suitable for each user’s needs, goals, and fitness level.

Start working out anytime and anywhere you want simply by choosing your currently available equipment and the plan will adapt to it. You can even create your own custom workout plan and use the instructions and videos available to achieve your goals. The workouts are logged and you can easily track your progress to constantly be aware of the achievements you made. Start training with the help of this app, directly on your phone and enjoy getting fitter and healthier.

Download the app for free on App Store to workout anytime and anywhere with a personal adaptive training plan!

App Store Download Link: Simple Fit

Official Website: Simple Fit