Friday, January 4, 2019

ezTurns Queue Management is Fast, Simple & Feature-Rich Queuing Solution for Businesses & Institutions

The best business apps increase productivity and work flow, and can make the life of an owner or manager much easier. Today we will speak about one extremely helpful business app – ezTurns Queue Management.

Why you’ll love it?

It requires minimal hardware and literally around 10 minutes to setup a queue management that replaces the classic take-a-number ticket system.

How to use it?

You’ll need a Chromecast device if you want to cast in on a TV, but you can also cast your queue on a PC or Mac. If you want to use it as a kiosk you need a tablet or android smartphone or ticket printing device.

1. Download ezTurns for free in Play Store.

a) Place a regular ticket dispenser at your shop's entrance.
b) Setup a kiosk installing ezTurns on a tablet and print tickets using a WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Serial Thermal Printer.

3. Customize the display's appearance.

4. Start casting to a Chromecast connected TV

We are sure that if you are dealing with customers queue management on a daily basis that ezTurns Queue Management will be of great help. Try the queue management app on Google play.

Google Play Download Link: ezTurns Queue Management