Monday, February 4, 2019

Anyride – Find the Best Ride to Save Your Time and Money

To save your time and money when it comes to ride bookings it can be quite time-consuming and confusing to discover rideshare providers that offer you a ride at the best and cheapest prices. In order for you to compare fares of all rideshare providers and call a ride of your choice easily and quickly, you need the right app. We did our research and we found an incredible ride booking app that will help you to discover the cheapest rides and call them. Let’s discuss about it.

What is Anyride exactly?
Developed for IOS users, this easy to use and very practical ride booking app is saving money and time of each users by allowing them to compare prices of all rideshare providers, choose a ride and call it directly from the app with just a tap. The best and cheapest rides can be found and all the user needs to do is to choose his destination, see all live fares from Uber and Lyft and call the chosen option. Users don’t need to open another app, they can see all fares and find the cheapest rides, all inside this app.

What are its best features?

The Anyride for the users in need for a cheap ride is offering practical and useful features that allow them to discover the best ride with just a tap, directly from their phones. The exact down-to-the-penny fares from all rideshare providers can be found on the app and the user with just a tap can call any ride of his choice. As same from the Lyft and Uber app, all the exact fares are available on the app. To find coupons, promotions and other credit for cheaper ride, you just need to create your account on the app. You can save your favorite rides within the app and quickly call a ride to a recent destination easily and quickly. Only with a long press on a ride you can discover the best one automatically with the Quickride feature and the ride will be called after a countdown of five seconds.

Download the app on App Store now for free to find the best ride to save your money and time!

Official Website: Anyride

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