Saturday, December 22, 2018

SMILES - Snap a Photo of Someone without Them Knowing & Decorate it As You Like

Prank culture is as relevant in today’s society as foodies and hipsters, so why don’t prank apps deserve its own category on app stores? No matter, there are many prank apps to help you spoof your friends and family any day of the year. To make it easier for you and help you find the best prank app, we searched and we have to offer you a great photo editor that will help you to snap photos of others and decorate them as you want to prank your loved ones. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is SMILES all about?

SMILES is an amazing photo editor which is created for prank lovers that look for a fun and simple way to prank others. Developed for Android users, very easy for using, this photo app allows you to snap a photo of a friend or family member without them knowing and decorate the photo as you like, sharing it with them. By watching short ads on the app you will be able to collect rewards while enjoying yourself taking and editing photos to share with your loved ones to prank them.

SMILES Standout Features

This photo editor for all prank lovers offers interesting features and multiple modes they can try to take photos and decorate them as they please. On the app, users can try the normal mode which allows them to switch to another app and place an invisible camera on top of that app so when a friend or family member check out the app, their photo will be taken without them knowing or try the burst mode with which they can take 5 photos of a person.

Also, there is the quiet mode so users can take a photo with a long click for about 1 second. Users can draw faces on photos to make them funnier with the beautify option and each edited photos will be saved in the user’s phone photo gallery. The edited photos are easily shared with others to prank them and have fun. The Star Shadow option allows users to catch anyone touching their phone with launching an invisible camera when a certain app is opened and taking a photo of the person with a timestamp.

Download it now on Google Play for free to snap a photo of others and decorate it to prank them!

Google Play Download Link: SMILES