Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Car Wash - Fix, Clean & Drive Crazy Vehicles

Does your child play games on your phone? Game apps may keep him busy in the doctor’s waiting room, but what does he learn from them? Not much, for the most part. Finding fun and yet educational game for your kid to play and enjoy while at the same time learns something and enhances his skills can be hard. Luckily for you, we looked and we have to offer your kid a simple and fun educational game that will assist in his development. Let’s see what the Car Wash app is all about.

What is Car Wash all about?

Car Wash is developed for Android users with stunning graphics and bright colors, especially as an educational game for kids which is offering parents to help their kids develop attention and fine motor skills while the kids enjoy driving, fixing and cleaning crazy vehicle. The kids need to choose the vehicle they want, remove the debris and clean it using soap and water. Variety of cars to choose from such as police car, fire truck, school bus and more are offered to keep the attention of kids while they enjoy the vehicles and try to get them to perfection to earn their stars. 

Standout Features

This kids’ educational game offers the kids to choose their vehicle, wax it and buff it to perfection while challenging their skills to complete the task. The next task after the player completes the waxing, buffing and fixing the vehicle is to drive it safely to the drop off point in order to complete the challenge and earn stars. Each kid needs to collect as many stars as possible while having fun making and driving his chosen vehicle.

The kids will never get bored of playing and collecting stars and when they have enough stars collected they can use them to unlock more of these fun and crazy vehicles and try to conquer new challenges. The game assists in the development of the kids’ attention and fine motor skills while the kids have fun playing with vehicles and trying to fix, clean and drive them to progress and complete the exciting tasks.

Download it for free on Google Play to choose a vehicle you want to fix, clean and drive to receive stars!

Google Play Download Link: Car Wash