Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Show Offers of Your Business to Customers & Allow them to Place Orders with eCatalog Manager

The best business apps increase productivity and make the life of a small-business owner easier.  When it comes to keeping track of orders, showing services to customers and allowing them to track and manage orders from their devices there are apps to help as well. Because of that, we decided to look and we found one great business app for owners to show their services and manage customer orders and for customers to place and track orders from all their devices - eCatalog Manager.

What is eCatalog Manager all about?

eCatalog Manager is an amazing business app suitable for owners of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes that would like to have a digital menu or a catalog for their products and services for their customers and guests. The app offers customizable attractive interface supporting multiple languages and all that with a simple menu design and multiple roles adjustable for different purposes. The customers using the app can see the offers in an attractive, modern and innovative way, to generate their orders, manage them and follow the order status as well for the staff to manage orders from all their devices too.

Standout features

The eCatalog Manager app offers customers to manage and place their orders from their device and the owners to show their business offers to their customers and guests. All the orders can be placed and managed from various devices which are configured with Superuser role or Administrator. As a versatile and powerful tool for managing orders generated by customers, the business staff can manage them from different devices configured with multiple roles too. Because of the solution versatility, the app is suitable to be used in shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and other types of businesses and thanks to that, the app can be operated off-line and be used to take orders in areas without Internet coverage too. 

Business owners can choose different roles to adjust the app for multiple purposes and they can also print and share orders with just a few simple steps. With a great flexibility, the reports can be printed and exported. Users can choose different roles to adjust the app for different purposes, instantly sync and display menu and orders in real time on all their devices.

Download it for free on Google Play to show your business offers to customers so they can generate orders!

Official Website: eCatalog Manager  

Google Play Download Link: eCatalog Manager