Thursday, November 8, 2018

Magnet Jump – Race against Time as Your Magnetic Charge Depletes

The most exciting and fun type of game you can play on your smartphone to test your skills and get the title of the best player is definitely the arcade games. With the right arcade game on your smartphone, you will be able to kill some free time and challenge yourself to get as far in the game as possible to win the highest scores and become the best player. We did our research and we have a great arcade game that will get you hooked to playing fast. It’s called Magnet Jump.

What is Magnet Jump?

Developed for Android users, easy to play, fun and yet very challenging, this endless arcade game will test the players tap skills as they try to keep their magnetic charge up while their time is running out. Players get to enjoy the cool sound effects and sharp graphics as they try to beat the time as their magnetic charge is depleting. Each player just needs to tap to jump and keep the magnetic charge up if he wants to win the highest scores and become the ultimate player of the tap arcade game. 

How to play?

Magnet Jump will challenge players and get them addicted to the game fast, it has various amazing features for you to enjoy while. The player just needs to tap to move up and release it to move down, keeping his magnetic charge up as long as he can. On the screen in the upper corner, the player has available the health bars, the black bars representing his negative energy and the red bars representing his positive energy. In order to keep the magnetic charge up, each player needs to be fast, tapping and jumping while avoiding the electromagnetic coils that drain chunks of energy.

When the energy is completely drained and the time finishes, the game will be over for the player. By touching the ceiling, players increase their negative energy and by touching the floor, players increase their positive energy. Player’s skills are tested with the limited time and he needs to tap and jump fast to race against the time, avoid the electrical coils, keeping the magnetic charge up to win the highest scores and get the title of the best player.

Download the game on Google Play for free to keep your magnetic charge up while you race against the time!

Google Play Download Link:  Magnet Jump